Primal Fit is a functional fitness gym in The Edge community of Berwick, ME.  Our motto is simple: Back to the Basics.  Basic body and weighted movements + basic clean whole foods + basic wellness through community fellowship, sleep and hydration = a happier, healthier life!

We offer daily workouts in a group setting that include elements of high intensity, cardio, mobility, balance, endurance and strength.  Workouts will utilize a mix of body weight, dumbbell, kettlebell and cardio equipment.  All workouts will be coach instructed and modified according to your fitness level and overall goals.  We also have classes programmed specifically for seniors of all fitness levels and members managing Parkinson’s Disease.

Join the Primal Fit tribe and get back to the basics of health!

Featured Classes

Group classes

Designed for individuals interested in a mix of high intensity and strength training. Perfect for all ages and all levels of fitness as workouts will be modified appropriately…


Designed for individuals over 65 who desire better balance, strength, and stamina. Perfect for those new to exercise or restricted in movement. ..

Nutrition Coaching

One on one coaching starts with an assessment to determine your goals and can be in person, by FaceTime or phone. ..